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About Council of American Indian Organizations of San Diego County

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Indian Human Resource Center offers a variety of services and programs to those that qualify when funds are available.

Please contact them directly to obtain more detailed information about services that may be available to you.

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There are 3 reviews

Anonymous - Mar 8, 2020

Kumeyaay Nation we are native American.. Me and my son and cuzen tomis lost our house while 6 months ago we're both on disability will live in San Diego county we having a hard time finding a place of our own with our income we don't make enough money which they ask for three or four times the amount of the rent I'm not being able to find any assistance in San Diego I called 211 and they don't have anything to offer us my son is 30 years old and you mentally disabled I have power attorney and considering ship over him I also receive SSI do to health problems.. we have a car that is not registered cuz we don't have the money ...we have a car that doesn't have tags cuz we don't have the money we have sold most of our items already for food and hotels we spend all our checks for hotels which comes out to $257 for 3 days and I'm in a hotel wepay $1,200 for 10 days.. and that is all our money.. we need a home we can afford with our income the welfare department gives us $8 a month for food social security gives us $1800.. a month that's combined income for both of us... low-income housing or to rent anything out here will be 2700 to $3,700 your first month's of entering a small apartment.. we do not have that kind of money .. believe me we've been looking at program 211 shelters there's no shelter would take my son or my cousin and me together my son is size 6'2 and 382 lb.. and he takes safe pills and they do not have a larger bed we've been applying for section 8 we've been applying for all benefits and we have not heard one thing from another we are willing to locate anywhere in the San Diego county... There's a program that will help us if we have drug or alcohol problems but this is not the case we do not have any habits ... So they won't help us get into a home that we could afford all programs that we are not qualify for because we don't have a drug or alcohol problem ... we do not have children under the age of 18 .. we are not veterans ..we are three adults my son is 30 years old my cousin is 30 years old and I am 47 we all get income....currently homeless in San Diego never been homeless in my life and I cannot believe there's no help for us out there I've been calling everyday finding places no one has call us back if u can help us please call us at 760-213-9685 Thank you very much hope to hear from someone ...Marisela too feathers Blanco... PS. Not All native American get the money

Anonymous - Aug 12, 2020

My name is Lea because of this covid 19 I got laid off so I been struggling to pay my rent havent I only pay half but the late fees are getting to me there 65 dlls after the 3 of each month I got 4 kids one of them has Austin disorder non verbal so he screams alot to communicate I got an 9 yrs old my boy 5 I got and 3yrs and 1 yrs. I get food stamps and social security these how I pay my half of rent there dad got laid off too so his unemployment is pending the food stamps are not enough so I apply for WIC as well I got the 30 % of my sd&ge I been homeless before and is hars to find place especially with hifh5 rents please help me or ill take info Thank you god bless you stay safe

Anonymous - Sep 1, 2020

Am homeless need some assistance to get a place

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