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Who owns and operates

RentAssistance is a privately owned website and is not associated with any government agency. The content of this website is intended only to assist users in finding more detailed information on organizations that may assist in some way with rent payments.

Can you help me receive assistance from any of the Companies listed on your website?

No. If you need rent assistance you will have to contact your local office directly, we provide their contact information for you to call them directly. We do not have any contact with them.

Where do the rent assistance listings come from?

Most of the information on RentAssistance is user-contributed. That means that users like you took the time to complete our online form and share with similar-minded users information they discovered about organizations that help with rent.

Is this service really free?

Yes. There is absolutely no fee to register. We do however display advertisement that helps offset the cost of maintaining this website. We try very hard to display advertisements differently from informational content to avoid any confusion, If you have any questions about what content is informational and what is advertisement please feel free to contact us.

How do I remove or update a listing from

Sometimes users erroneously  add information about an organization thinking that they fit the profile of a rental assistance listing. If your organization is listed on our website and you do not offer any rental assistance, please contact us and request removal.

How long does it take to have a listing removed?

Because all our moderators are volunteers, sometimes reviews take longer than we would like. In order to expedite a review we have the following tips:

Example of a request for removal that will take less time to be reviewed:

Dear moderator,

I found my organization on your website but unfortunately we do not provide any rental assistance. Kindly remove us from your database. Our information is:

Our Organization, Inc.
123 Main street
Any Town, State - 55555


John Doe

Example of a request for removal that may take more time:

Remove our organization from your website IMMEDIATELY! If you do not take action within the next 24 hours we will sue you. This website is a scam and you know it. How did you get our information?

The above example is an actual email we recieved. For obvious reasons, our volunteers will be less likely to help out, primarily because the sender left out any clues as to who they were and what listing needed to be removed. Please take this into consideration.


To request an update or removal, send us an email to:


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