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About Rescue Relief For Senior Citizens

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May be able to assist with the following:

Office hours vary, call for more information.

Mission Statement: We partner with shelters and rescues TO SAVE MORE LIVES through education and fundraising efforts

There are 15 reviews

Anonymous - Feb 28, 2020

I need help to pay my house rent for two months and electricity bill for two months. Do you have any help available for me. May God bless you .

Anonymous - May 7, 2020

Im 50 yrs.old i live in zip code 19134 my husband passed on nov.12th i have no income anywhere i can get help tto pay my rent i had surgery to remove breast for cancer n i have bad bad i need surgery i applied for ssi only thing i get is food stamps and im going to get invicted have no where to go my 20 yr old lives with me and shes not working with this virus she has 3 kids 2 months ols 2 yrs n 5. Please helpp

Anonymous - May 7, 2020

can you pay my rent this month and some bills Please

Anonymous - May 8, 2020

I need hlep to pay two months rent if you can hlep me an my son he is Adult live with Autistm he get ssi i get pay every two weeks we running out of food im trying to get hlep for my water bill to

Anonymous - May 16, 2020

I am looking for help for me and my daughter we are currently staying in a hotel we both work but are on employment due to covid-19 i have my 6 year old grandson part time and my daughter has a newborn we are living off of our income tax and employment but it running out we are in need of some rental assistance to help us out if you could point me in the right direction i would appreciate any help at this point i am running out of options thank you in advance

Anonymous - Jun 5, 2020

I need help with rent I am 2 month behind

Anonymous - Jun 19, 2020

Need help with rent

Anonymous - Jun 22, 2020

Hello I’m wondering do y’all only help senior citizens or everybody? I’m a young adult with a child looking for help ! . Thank you have a good day

Anonymous - Jul 7, 2020

I need help to pay my July rent

Anonymous - Aug 28, 2020

I need help now not the 2-5 year waiting list because no human on this planet is promise the next day . The house i was living in was involved in a fire and I am 64 years old Senior citizens disability recipient . Thanks

Anonymous - Sep 14, 2020

Need help to pay my September rent please need help

Anonymous - Oct 5, 2020

I could use some help with my rent

Anonymous - Nov 14, 2020

Need help with rent and utilities

Anonymous - Dec 12, 2020

Can you help me any help anything will help

Anonymous - Dec 21, 2020

I am and 57 year old woman and I have move my brother in my house he is very ill just got and operation from Cancer he has lose over 300 Pounds and I need some kind of Funding for us.

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