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About Catholic Charities, Diocese Of Camden

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Rent and Utilities AssistanceCatholic Charities provides utilities and/or rental assistance to relieve a temporary financial crisis or to prevent homelessness.
Contact us to see if funds are currently available and to schedule an appointment to determine eligibility.
Hours of Operations:
Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM 

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Do they offer emergency cash to pay rent?

1 Answers so far
Added Monday, February 17, 2020


What documents are required to apply for cash payment help?

No one has answered this question yet.


Do you know if a person collecting unemployment can qualify to get rent assistance at this location?

No one has answered this question yet.

16 Reviews of Catholic Charities, Diocese Of Camden


Feb 17, 2020

Need money for security deposit all ready paid half need help getting put out


Mar 20, 2020

Covid 19 has me out of work and my wife is already on short term disability . We cannot make ends meet and are really in need of some assistance.


Apr 2, 2020

Need help with electric bill shut off notice april 15 and rent i have two kids.


Apr 30, 2020

I need help with my rent I pay 900$ I’m not working due to corona virus was teaching out to see if I can get help thank you very much god bless


Jun 28, 2020

Iam a single mother of 6 and currently not working due to the pandemic iam behind 2 months in my rent and really need help my rent is $900 a month really hope u can help


Aug 7, 2020

Hello my name is Ricky I am very embarrassed to have to ask this question but here it is 3 years ago I got clean from drugs I’ve been working have my own apartment in Blackwood nj a beautiful daughter life has been great recently I was hurt at work and was out of work for over a month and a half I blew through my savings paying bills and rent I am now back at work but come September I have no clue how I am paying rent and bills is there some kind of help I can get just for a few months until I am back on track


Sep 20, 2020

I live in philadelphia county, do I still we qualify??


Dec 2, 2020

My husband and I have been doing fine since the pandemic but change in my job status has left my water bill unpaid for three months, Iam responsible for the water and my husband is struggling with all the other bills. The water bill is about $400 now and do again in two days. If you guys are able to help we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!


Jan 7, 2021

I am in an apartment in Blackwood NJ, I am on Pua Unemployment, I was ok My Apartment complex Mng was giving me apartments to paint and sparkle, and giving me a credit towards my rent, She Stopped Calling me and I fell behind on my rent because of this, I receive Snap for food, but didn’t do Irs non- filer tool did not know about it until was to late, so I did’ my get a stimulus check either. My lease is coming to an end and I have nowhere to go. I left a voicemail when I called 2 days ago! I been calling all over for help but can’t seem to find any! Thank You and God Bless


Feb 23, 2021

I am behind on rent 2-3 months I want to apply for assistance as soon as possible.


May 13, 2021

Im looking to get rental assistance, I recently found out im pregnant, ive been living in a motel paying out of pocket, ive been collecting unemployment and i can't save up for a security deposit and pay for my room and board and i am trying not to have a baby living in a motel room so im looking for help with a security deposit if there is any help.


Jul 7, 2021

Hello! I am new to the area and have been staying in an extended stay hotel for the time. I moved from KY to get out of a bad situation with an ex. I thought I had budgeted properly but with the need to use public transportation to and from my current job, but it turned out to be more than I could afford. I am about to get kicked out of the hotel and I don’t have anywhere to go. Is there anyway that I could get some help? Thank you and God Bless.


Sep 9, 2021

Looking for housing rent help


Sep 12, 2021

I have an eviction notice, I've been waiting on the HUD list for 18 years and still not one person has called me.


Jan 25, 2022

I'm behind on MY rent and I'm out of work for health reasons and I'm not receiving no type of disability payments so I need help before I get evicted.


Jun 7, 2022

I just wondering if can get some financial needs to pay my rent. I’m single mom of one kid working to essential part time work and my daughter is really good at school.

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