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Las Vegas, NV - 89030

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About Neighborhood Services Department - LAS VEGAS

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Neighborhood Services Department - LAS VEGAS Offers homebuyer education/down payment assistance. All two programs require future homeowner to attend a HUD certified 8 hour Homebuyer Education class.

Once that is complete buyer will be required to meet with Homeownership Consultant to determine mortgage readiness.

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Hours of operation:

There are 24 reviews

Anonymous - Dec 22, 2019

I would like some rental assistance. I found a place to live just don’t have the rent for it.

Anonymous - Mar 29, 2020

i need help with rent assistance please..i lost my job becuz of the virus

Anonymous - Apr 2, 2020

I have trouble paying rent because I was recently laid off from my job.

Anonymous - Apr 3, 2020

Due to the recent lay offs because of the Covid-19 virus, I am temporarily laid off and need assistance paying my rent and utilities.

Anonymous - Apr 18, 2020

Need help paying bills and rent also help with food lost my job due to this virus

Anonymous - Apr 30, 2020

I have a 9 month daughter , I really need the help , I’m doing everything alone .

Anonymous - May 1, 2020

I just need help to pay my rent month behind oh $788 my name is elanda West

Anonymous - May 3, 2020

I'm on disability.I really need help.i had brain surgery 2 years ago and a stroke I had to learn to walk and talk again .its been a really hard few years I can't afford rent with only 780 a month.It hard to live in that amount of do I sign up for housing .it is really stressful not knowing if I'm going to have a place to live ,and recover at the same time .

Anonymous - May 3, 2020

I am a disabled senior. I need an apartment but everyone is asking for 2 1/2 time the rent. My income is $1071 a month. I am now homeless because no one will give me a chance.

Anonymous - May 9, 2020

I just need a little help

Anonymous - May 25, 2020

Hello I’m tony I’m contacting u in regards to my families current situation. I am on ss retirement my wife was laid of 2 1/2 months ago we are 2 months behind on our rent going on 3 months June 1st. We are also behind on utilities!

Anonymous - Jun 3, 2020

Hi, to whom it may concern. I'm looking to move from my previous place to a more sustainable place. I'm looking for a move in assistance funding. Due to the covid 19. At this point in time. I am still waiting on my stimulus funds and unemployment funds. So, please let me know if you can help.

Anonymous - Jun 26, 2020

Hi, I recently moved here to Nevada in December 2019. And I am in need of rental assistance for the month of June 2020. Please guide me with the steps for receiving assistance for this month's rent? Thank You Alisa

Anonymous - Jul 5, 2020

What is the requirements and documents required to receive HUD housing and or section 8 in this covid-19 epedimic

Anonymous - Aug 3, 2020

Please help me, me and my family have nothing. It's been so. Hard being a ex -con and black. I believe I can do it. I believe I just need a little help. I just want the opportunity to show my mom before she dies , I can do it. Please help me obtain this dream.

Anonymous - Aug 4, 2020

Please I need rental assistance I just received a 5 day notice

Anonymous - Oct 5, 2020

Please email me where do I get help for rental assistance, I am in need for my rent this October I have a 16 years old daughter please help me to keep my place and avoid to become homeless

Anonymous - Nov 4, 2020

I am a UMA student and I need help with housing or emergency shelter.

Anonymous - Nov 26, 2020

Hi i need emergency assistance with my rent. My husband was layoff due to covid-19 he applied for unemployment he was approved its just not enough to pay rent and bills plus we have two small children that he has to provide for as well.

Anonymous - Dec 2, 2020

I’m having trouble paying my rent n bills due to the covid 19 and I was just got laid off from work please I need help I have 2 small kids

Anonymous - Jan 20, 2021

I am in need to pay my rent. I only work two days a week for only 4 hours a shift for the minimum wage. Thank you.

Anonymous - Jan 21, 2021

Nesecito ayuda de renta

Anonymous - Jan 25, 2021

I took a pay cut and barely making it. I need help the next two months please Covid hit us hard

Anonymous - Feb 25, 2021

Need help with rent and utilities; unemployment benefits just expired and out of money.

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