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About Shelby County CSA

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Shelby County CSA Provides emergency rent and mortgage assistance to some low-income Shelby County households once every two years.

Call Mondays - Fridays beginning at 8:00 am when funds are available to schedule an appointment.

Hours of operation:

There are 48 reviews

Anonymous - Jul 24, 2019

These people do not do their job. I’ve been trying to get mortgage assistance for 3 months now, they take the phones off the hook for an hour to keep from taking calls....

Anonymous - Nov 13, 2019

Rent is behind 2160

Anonymous - Oct 16, 2019

My name is Weaver and I really need help with my rent and light bill my light bill is almost 300 dollars and my rent is 425.

Anonymous - Oct 21, 2018

The rent assistance help

Anonymous - Dec 15, 2018

I have a question do you help with people with eviction who as to pay out the pocket for a hotel.

Anonymous - Jul 2, 2019

Hello I’m in need of rent assistance.

Anonymous - Jul 31, 2019

this is a poor way to get through they are never answer the phones and they they say that are busy and you are left calling all day no helpline is always busy. alot of people are homeless because they dont answer phone they need more than one line not a good service

Anonymous - Aug 21, 2019

How can I get in touch with CSA for rental assistance?

Anonymous - Aug 28, 2019

I’m like 3months behind on my mortgage. I’ve been calling this number for at least 3 months now. It’s always busy, but around noon I get through only to tell me that they’ve taken all calls for the day and to call back on Wednesday of the next week and then it’s a recording. It has to be a better way. People are losing their homes trying to get help. If this is the best you can do, you can just shut this system down, get rid of your hired help. It’s useless.

Anonymous - Aug 28, 2019

I called at 8:00a.m. On the dot and the recording told me that they had taken all the applications for the day an d to call back Wednesday of the next week . I hung up the phone and tried again and it was a busy signal, and has been every since. Now what’s really going on?How do you get the assistance that you need?

Anonymous - Apr 27, 2020

I'm disable. I do need assistance on rent and utility. What do I need to qualify? My son was helping me but since the virus came out his hours are cut. .

Anonymous - Oct 5, 2019

I really need help with my light bill it is over 500dollar

Anonymous - Oct 23, 2019

I have been calling for 3 months now and as of today still no avail. Supposedly CSA run out of appointments by 930. It does not seem logical to me and seems as if it’s a hoax. It’s hard to believe that CSA is really an organization that helps the community?!.

Anonymous - Oct 29, 2019

I’m seeking rent assistance help how can I apply for help

Anonymous - Oct 30, 2019

I need help luck of work rent is 2160

Anonymous - Nov 1, 2019

I need help with my rent I lost my job in September 2019 and the unemployment is not enough to pay my rent and lights

Anonymous - Nov 18, 2019

I need help with rent single mom of five.

Anonymous - Dec 16, 2019

My mom kidney failed, 11-/26/2019 , she also had too seizures, the same night, I miss some work days caring for mom. Causing me to get behind futher in rent , please help me in my time if need? Nasaree Cox Dec, 16/2019.

Anonymous - Dec 30, 2019

I don't have my daughter SSC can I still get assistance on my rent and light bill

Anonymous - Jan 13, 2020

Need help with lights and rent mlgw my bill was $396 then next thing i know they sent me a bill for $900 and im disabled now on fixed income need help

Anonymous - Jan 24, 2020

I called for months and months for help still couldn't get through i need help on my lights and rent and on a fixed income nobody ever answer phone and they always have the lines tied up

Anonymous - Jan 29, 2020

What do you need?To get rent assisstance?

Anonymous - Feb 8, 2020

They've help pay my utility bill and it was greatly needed and appreciated. It took time but it was paid. The best way is to get the application, fill it out make, make your copies of the info asked for and then mail it in. They will call you if they need any other information. You will be contacted by phone, mail, or email if you are approved and for how much. Be patient.

Anonymous - Feb 15, 2020

Lost my job 02/01/2020 need proper application for rent and utility. Please feburary been hard for family.

Anonymous - Feb 29, 2020

Need help paying my rent

Anonymous - Mar 26, 2020

Application form for rental assistance can't get you on website location in person

Anonymous - Apr 8, 2020

No tengo para pagar mi renta

Anonymous - Apr 30, 2020

I’m needing help On my May rent...

Anonymous - May 6, 2020

checking on status of rental application as well as mlgw application for assistance. laid off due to Covid19. Hope to get a response. Thank you.

Anonymous - May 8, 2020

Need help with Rent

Anonymous - May 11, 2020

Need emergency assistance mifa ask for me to call

Anonymous - May 23, 2020

Do y'all help with rent

Anonymous - Jun 2, 2020

I was trying to see what i need to do to get rent assistance

Anonymous - Jun 15, 2020

Need help with rent.. how much am I'm eligible for

Anonymous - Jun 16, 2020

I need help with my rent and untiltes

Anonymous - Jul 5, 2020

I need assistance

Anonymous - Jul 8, 2020

How do I apply for help with my rent. About to be eviction

Anonymous - Aug 17, 2020

I need to apply for rent and utility assistance I need to do something because I only have 4 days left before I get put out my house

Anonymous - Sep 22, 2020

Do you all help with rent?

Anonymous - Oct 8, 2020

I need help on my rent I have five kids and I need assistance ASAP

Anonymous - Oct 26, 2020

I been working and I got sick at work so they told me to go home and take the covid test for work and I did that and when I got my test result it said negative and I sent it to the man at work and he told me he was going to call him and I still haven't heard nothing from him and I just move in my new place and my rent is due on the 5th and I need help to pay my rent

Anonymous - Nov 12, 2020

I need a help about to get evicted got to go court on 11/20/20 I call for a application no respond.

Anonymous - Dec 15, 2020

My name is Charlotte Baker and I need help with my rent and lights I am behind in my rent $800 behind in my rent and I'm on the fixed income and I'm looking for help

Anonymous - Jan 9, 2021

Help with rent assistance

Anonymous - Jan 15, 2021

I'm trying to get help on my rent how do I apply

Anonymous - Jan 15, 2021

I'm trying to get help on my rent how do I apply

Anonymous - Feb 1, 2021

I needed help with my rent and lights Bill's

Anonymous - Mar 1, 2021

Good morning need help on my rent for this month. No income not coming in right know, been out work, medical leave, knee surgery partial .

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  3. Yea posted May 4, 2020
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  1. Pay stubs ( last 3), ssn, & copy of lease. posted November 13, 2019
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  1. Yes they do. Not sure how long it takes posted February 8, 2020
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  1. That person has to apply even if the light are in your name and get the letter from you. THAT person has to apply not you because it's their household but yes they will need the letter from you posted February 8, 2020
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  1. 900.00 posted January 2, 2021
  2. I think it depends. They tell you how much you are approved for it varies person to person. posted February 8, 2020
  3. 300.00$ posted November 13, 2019
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  1. yes posted April 2, 2020
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