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St. James Financial Assistance North Miami

540 NW 132nd Street
Miami, FL - 33168

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About St. James Financial Assistance North Miami

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St. James Financial Assistance North Miami provides rent and mortgage payment assistance when funds are available.
Call the organization directly for details.

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Do they offer emergency cash to pay rent?

1 Answers so far
No they do not offer any assistance
Added Friday, May 22, 2020


What documents are required to apply for cash payment help?

1 Answers so far
I'd social security card birth paper address
Added Monday, September 14, 2020


Do you know if a person collecting unemployment can qualify to get rent assistance at this location?

No one has answered this question yet.


Do u guys help with rental assistance for people on section 8 voucher program that can't come up with first and security deposit to find a place?

1 Answers so far
Added Saturday, January 21, 2023

18 Reviews of St. James Financial Assistance North Miami


Feb 14, 2020

Hello I need assistance so I can get apartment I am staying in a motel


Apr 18, 2020

I checking to see how can I get some help for a senior person who had a stroke and have no help. I'm trying to help by finding the help that is require. Thank you.


May 1, 2020

Ineed help to pay my rent today please please


May 5, 2020

Need rent and utility assistance out of work for 7 weeks really hurting will appreciate anything you guys can do


May 7, 2020

I have three children and a reason for the covid 19 my children at home I could not continue working I do not have to pay my rent I would appreciate your help thanks administration of the Santa Rosa de Lima parish


May 14, 2020

Hello,what type of help can you provide me for a rental for my childrens and I.


May 28, 2020

please, I need help with paying my rent


Jun 6, 2020

Hello there yes I’m in need of some assistance due to the fact that I have grandkids and we have no place to go and I’m in the way of losing my section 8 and I wanted to know could I get some help


Jun 8, 2020

Good evening, I am a single mother and I currently live with my oldest daughter and my grandson and my youngest daughter and me and her both lost our jobs due to covid 19 and we have no way of paying our rent. Our bills are super backed up due to this pandemic. I really need help in paying my rent and or bills... please do get back at me. Thank you and God bless


Jun 20, 2020

Hello I need help please I have 5 children in need of help please I've been out off job for 3 month and I don't qualify for unemployment due to I work selfe employee and my landlord have been harassing for rent money having problems paying my light and other please I would appreciate any type of help thank you


Jun 21, 2020

I got 3 kids. Not one is working I had 3 month already. With out pay rent I need assitend on pay rent


Sep 20, 2020

I need help to pay my rent.I am unemployed now.I am 71 years old,citizen and married


Oct 14, 2020

I need help with rent assistance. I pay $800.00 monthly. It will be great help if you can help with at least two month.


Oct 17, 2020

I need help with 2 months rent


Oct 30, 2020

Hello, I am a single mom of three. I was laid off of work in March. I still am not able to go back and I’m also at home schooling my kids. I am 1 month now behind on rent after using all of my savings through this time. Can you please help us?


Jan 13, 2021

Needs a 2br low income


Mar 5, 2021

Hi I like to now is the rent help in Opalocka still available?


Sep 20, 2021

Need help with deposit to get a two bedroom for me and my son he have a disability and i am a retired senior getting social security

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