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The Rental Assistance Program assists with partial mortgage or rent payment during emergencies such as an unexpected car repair or temporary loss of income. Assistance is based on documentation and availability.

The Housing and Employment Assistance Program offers assistance locating affordable housing, subsidized, and/or low-income housing to homeless individuals and families. The program also offers confidential, one- on-one counseling including employment assistance.

The Shared Housing Program facilitates the search of renters and homeowners looking to rent a room in their home to share living expenses or have a room available in their home and are looking for companionship and some light work around the home in exchange for rental payment.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to connect people in need, with those who can help. Since 1966 Community Connect has been creating safe and healthy communities with an emphasis on providing services and referrals to the truly needy.
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There are 20 reviews

Anonymous - Feb 4, 2020

Im temporarily unemployed due to no work my unemployment is delayed because of a technical issue im a single parent and we are being evicted any chance i could get help

Anonymous - Mar 3, 2020

I am a mother of four and have my mom fighting stage 4 cancer and got a 30 day notice to move with no money or a place to go

Anonymous - Apr 10, 2020

Family of 5 in need. Due to covid 19 my husband and I both have lost our jobs.We have applied for edd but my husband was denied. We have a brand new baby and 2 toddler girls.

Anonymous - Apr 27, 2020

I am currently homeless due to car being repo’ed and losing my job because of no transportation. I have 6 children 4 under the age of 16 they currently are staying with their dad until I can get bak on my feet. I am seeking a roof over my head as well as employment. Any kind of help would be a blessing

Anonymous - May 7, 2020

Hi I am unemployed ,homeless and 7 months pregnant I was told the funding for emergency housing was ran out and on a waiting list any help I am very appreciative please help me with emergency vouchers anything I am desperate

Anonymous - May 18, 2020

Quiero saber como puedo obtener ayuda para mi renta tengo problemas para pagarla no trabajo y tengo 4 niños aber si me pueden ayudar con eso

Anonymous - May 25, 2020

I would like to know how to apply for rent assistance

Anonymous - Jun 14, 2020

I am in need of some rental assistance. My husband was laid off due to cov19. He is collecting unemployment and we had a little bit of savings . We are only a few hundred short for rent this month. We cant afford to fall behind on our rent. We can manage to survive if we can pay full rent this month. Need $300

Anonymous - Jun 27, 2020


Anonymous - Jul 15, 2020

Need help asap gotta find some help before its too late for me and my 4year old to get into a place we r currently homeless and have been staying where we can if need be even have stayed down in the riverbottom cuz of not having any other choice...... Plz any help is help and getting us out of were we r as of now is better.......

Anonymous - Jul 25, 2020

I need to know what to do to get rent assistance for the month of August. I'm a senior citizen with disabilities and I'm basically bedridden. My rent is $ 537.00 any assistance will be appreciated or I begin the process of eviction. Please just notify me regarding what's needed to get help please

Anonymous - Jul 31, 2020

I am on county aid but was recently unqualified because of unemployment. I have now exhausted all my income and is receiving only cash aid. I cannot pay next months rent or even buy my son groceries. Also I was recently kicked out of my house. My unemployment has stopped and i have no source of income right now. Can you please direct me where or who I can speak to for some emergency assistance or a place to live for low income? I'm in schoop but am waiting to hear back from my nursing program.

Anonymous - Aug 1, 2020

Hi need help with paying rent what do I have to do or need in order to get assistants?

Anonymous - Oct 8, 2020

Im on unemployment i have my son who recirves ssi we are looking for a bigger home im in a small 2 bed. Fam of 4

Anonymous - Oct 19, 2020

Good morning Currently I have an open cps case and the judge has authorized a release of my children to come back with me as long as I move out the home I’m in and find a suitable living for them to be but I’m low to no income without calworks and currently can’t work with the situation I’m in and classes and programs I’m doing Inorder to keep my kids is there anything community connect can offer me or help me find where to go I have a 2 month old that was removed at 7 weeks and a 12 year old.

Anonymous - Oct 22, 2020

Im homeless with a job sleeping in my car i would like assistants with permanent housing please

Anonymous - Nov 3, 2020

My husband and I renting a room in his parent's house. My husband works but I don't work, I'm asking for assistance for my husband and I we need $600.00 dollars to pay for our rent this month as his check will be short this month because he had missed a few days of work to take care of me for I've been sick, I have mental issues and I'm diabetic. I had got scared one day and had an anxiety attack and got into my suicidal depression where he had to calm me down and I was a big mess. So you see his pay check is short and he still needs to pay our phone bill and get hygiene supplies and food for us to cook and to put gas in our vehicle so he can get back and forth to work and home. My husband struggles for the two of us and I feel bad that I have no way of helping him. If we could possibly receive the $600.00 for this month I would be gladly appreciative.

Anonymous - Nov 10, 2020

I'm really in need of help with housing I've been homeless for a year already and just need some guide to help me.

Anonymous - Jan 7, 2021

Hello I'm a single male no kids Had a wife that worked so we made due. After 9 yrs together with out any notice of leaving she just left. Everything was in her name cable light car insurance phones EVERYTHING JUST SHUT OFF BY HER.

Anonymous - Jan 18, 2021

I am homeless and have been for 3years now. Affordable housing is not affordable on my fixed income by SSA and low income housing isnt low enough. I am disabled and dont know what to do. I need help finding a forever home with my dog.

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