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Zakat money is kept in a separate account, and is used only to provide financial assistance to our clients who qualify. The assistance is provided in kind, i.e. we write checks directly to the client’s landlords (rent assistance), to PG&E (utilities), and to VTA (transportation). This policy is for the protection of our donors and the organization, by assuring there is no misuse of any funds.

We process new applications each year, and decide on appropriate provisions of our services based on need and our budget for that year. We are also collaborating with local organizations to distribute zakat to the clients. It is our goal to consolidate and centralize a more effective zakat distribution system for the entire bay area. We encourage community members from different cities to funnel zakat dollars to Rahima Foundation for the local needy families.

Their office is available Monday - Thursday 10:00am - 2:00pm to assist you .

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