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We use a Christ-centered approach, helping people in financial crisis.

Services are available to most residents in Bristol VA, Bristol TN, Blountville, Bluff City, and some parts of Piney Flats (who are served by BTES).

Zip codes in Virginia include: 24201. 24202, and 24203. Zip codes in TN include: 37617, 37618, 37620, 37621, and portions of 37686.

Rental assistance appointments will only be made after the landlord emails the executive director at programs@bristolfia.org; Email must include how much the client owes the landlord, with the client’s nameand phone number. Upon receipt of this email, the executive director will give the information to the appointment setter, then an appointment will be made.

We offer to help in the following ways:

• Utilities & Rent (Deposits only with public housing) if you owe more than $500, we cannot assist. Our average assistance is $125. If you owe more than one month on your rent or utility, we cannot assist. NO MORTGAGE ASSISTANCE AS OF 5/1/2018

• Prescription Assistance (No narcotics)

• Food, diapers, & personal hygiene items

• Debt/budget counseling

• Free medical care via Crossroads Medical 2nd Tues.

• Referrals for drug or alcohol abuse

• Referrals for education placement

• Referrals for job placement

• Referrals for violence/abusive situations

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