The Section 8 (RAP) - Rent Assistance Program is a federally funded program administered by HUD. The RAP (Rent Assistance Program is vailable to a limited number of families and allows them to pay approximately 30% to 40% of their income towards their monthly rent.  The program pays the balance of the rent directly to the landlord in the form of a monthly check.

The problem with Section 8 Rent Assistance is that there are endless waiting lists that take years to receive aid. If you are in need of rental assistance, you need it now. Most waiting lists are closed for years. When they are open, the lines go down the street. When you finally do get approved for the assistance, you could have actually trained for a new job and have a few years under your belt at this new career.

Here at we provide Housing Authority listings which include websites for you to check for waiting lists. But the best bet for those needing direct and immediate rent assistance is to contact one of the helpful non profit listings we provide on the website.

The best way to use our list is to search your area city or town and start getting on the phone with these assistance agencies. Oftentimes funds are in easier to obtain through non profit organizations. Government entities require too much paperwork. Search through our listings for area rental assistance to see what is available.

Published 01/09/2012

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