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Loaves and Fishes a Great Story

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Loaves and Fishes a Great Story

I just finished reading a wonderful story about Loaves and Fishes. The story was published in The Post Chronicle and was called One Person CAN Make a Difference. The story chronicles how Loaves and Fishes' Director Dean Hallof the Rio Grande Valley and how he took over Loaves and Fishes 5 years ago and helped that organization through his 'can do' attitude.

Hall has run  Loaves and Fishes which provides a job placement service and a 12 step program for those in need of such assistance. They also provide a food pantry and other helpful programs such as rent assistance.

Homeless prevention has been a top program at Loaves and has helped through the rent assistance program help 15 families in 2005 to 100 families today. Loaves has also helped winterize 160 homes.

The list is endless on what Director Dean Hall has accomplished in his short time span at Loaves. Unfortunately Mr. Hall is stepping down this month.

We wish him farewell and thank you for the great job.

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