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Housing Forward Assistance Programs

1851 S. 9th Ave
Oak Park, IL - 60153

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About Housing Forward Assistance Programs

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We offer a range of program to assist men, women and families from the start of a financial or housing crisis to its permanent resolution.
Mission Statement: Our mission is to transition individuals and families from housing crisis to housing stability.

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Do they offer emergency cash to pay rent?

1 Answers so far
Added Monday, May 11, 2020


What documents are required to apply for cash payment help?

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Do you know if a person collecting unemployment can qualify to get rent assistance at this location?

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6 Reviews of Housing Forward Assistance Programs


Jan 27, 2020

I need emergency financial assistance paying my rent.


Mar 24, 2020

I'm looking to find help in rental assistance . I'm going to be evicted if I can't pay and I have a daughter who has special needs. We can not be put out on the streets I need help


Apr 27, 2020

Need help with paying my rent


May 24, 2020

My name is Rhonda Smith I am living in a tent under a bridge on Roseville Rd in Sacramento, CA. I don't know where to turn to find the help I need ? Is there anyone who could point me in the right direction ?


Jun 15, 2020

My name is Marilyn and I need help I have custody of two of my grandson. I have cancer I have my left leg amputated below the knee I don't have a right hip and I just lost two of my toes on my right foot the bills are getting pretty high I can't pay for light and gas and what is getting pretty hard to pay also. I was told that might lease will not be renewed because ever since I moved into this apartment which is supposed to be handicap accessible it's already been flooded twice I have lost a lot of my property close beds just a lot. And because when things go wrong I complain and tell them so no they don't want to renew my lease their property is in perfect condition I don't damage the property I keep it clean and they still haven't given me a valid reason but why I should move. But I have loved so much here already that I need to look for another place that can be handicap accessible and also when my grandkids could be. My grandchildren go to school in District 89 I'm not oldest grandson will be graduating next year and he loves the school that he goes to he does very well a straight A student. And he would love to finish school there. My medications are becoming very costly I just really need some help I can't walk and it's not easy to look for an apartment I try to do the best that I can for myself and for my friend kids it depend on me because I am all they have and they are all I have and they are what keeps me going


Jan 14, 2021

Homeless 2 smalls boys not looking for charity just help.

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