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334 E Broadway
Louisville, KY - 40204

(502) 583-2821 Click to call There are 5 comments. Scroll down to see the comments. Fax Number: (502) 583-0330 Go To Website Donate Go to Facebook
About Metro United Way

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Metro United Way's 2-1-1 help referral service directs people looking for resources to help them face life challenges, often for the first time, to the appropriate service provider.

A trusted and caring call specialist will listen to the full scope of your issue and connect you immediately to the right source. This easy to remember phone number saves time and frustration by eliminating the need to navigate a maze of agencies and help lines.

There are 5 reviews

Anonymous - Sep 14, 2020

My landlord wouldn't take my rent money and myself and my 5 kids are trying to get back out to Newburg because we live on21th and Dumesnil st and the is infested with wolf spiders please and myself and 2 kids are disabled

Anonymous - Nov 4, 2020

I need help with my rent.i was fired from my job due to a stroke and covid19.i applied for my unemployment but have not received any benefits.since June 3 2020.and have not been able to return to I have know income .I need assistance .rent LGE water food ect

Anonymous - Feb 7, 2021

I need help paying my rent. im facing eviction

Anonymous - Feb 17, 2021

Due to covid19 I have no income, single mother with 2 children at home, we are behind in rent water TRYING to get my food stamps back. May God Bless YOU and ALL struggling through these hard times.

Anonymous - Feb 20, 2021

3 months behind in rent landlord threatening to evict

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