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Rent Assistance
Ooltewah, TN
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9231 Lee Hwy
Ooltewah, TN - 37363

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About Samaritan Center, Inc.

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The Samaritan Center provides:

Help with utilities, rent, or life-sustaining medications
Food through their Community Food Pantry
Clothing, furniture, and household items through their thrift stores
Cleaning supplies and personal care products that cannot be purchased with food stamps
Layettes filled with necessities for newborns
School supplies
Christmas toys
Life coaching to help their clients take the next steps towards sustainability

There are 13 reviews

Anonymous - Nov 15, 2019

I need help with my rent retired and draw s.s. I worked part time.ive had triple bypass 3 yrs ago and 5 blockages this year with 2 stints in both dmsides of my aorta 2 blockages in left leg and one in right leg.i went back to working part time.shut my middle finger in the door almost cut the end off and chipped bone.i cant use it yet still going to bone doctor.please if you can help I would appreciate it very much.ill be in better shape soon I hope.

Anonymous - Jan 31, 2020

I was in a car wreck in Feb, of 2017. A woman cut through a parking lot to avoid redlight trying to get to Goodwill. I have a pending suit filed, and waiting on disability. My uncle has been helping with rent but had heart surgery and I got behind on rent 3 months. I'm back on track paying it but about to be evicted on past due rent. Can you please help me?

Anonymous - Feb 28, 2020

I hope this place helps no where else will so fare ive called 20 places i no

Anonymous - May 29, 2020

I need help with a deposit for a place. I am currently homeless and my spouse is 8 months pregnant. I am on SSI and we need a place for a low income and I am not receiving any help from any assistant programs. We are homeless and It is hard.

Anonymous - Sep 9, 2020

Needing help with rent

Anonymous - Sep 14, 2020

I lost my job in the ending of July and I have been looking for a job everyday and I can not find a job at all I am a single mom of four kids and I am late on my rent and they are going to put my kids in me out on the street and I don’t have any were to go at all

Anonymous - Nov 3, 2020

Hi i have just lost my job I have my fiance and her 2 boys and I'm in desperate need for paying my rent before we are on the street. If you could please help us and are care just blew up. Its like everything is crumbling and im trying to just keep faith because I know God has a plan. I've never had to ask for help like this but its getting to bad with the holidays and everything thats going on.

Anonymous - Nov 7, 2020

Hi im trying to get help with my rent. I'm currently unemployed because I just started going back to school to better my career. With me putting all my time into school its hard to get the income to pay my rent. My fiance is looking for work thats close by because are care blew up on us the other day. I finally have a chance to better myself and my family and I feel im not going to make it because we will be on the street. If I can get a little bit of help we would very appreciate it. Thank you Dustin

Anonymous - Dec 1, 2020

How do I get rent assistance?

Anonymous - Dec 17, 2020

Do you help with rent... 8 stay at the Budget inn in Chatsworth ga... Was working til covid... Now I'm struggling to get through...

Anonymous - Dec 19, 2020

I need help paying my rent IDraw ssdi and it's only 834.00ive been managing but my car has been messing up and I have no extra money to fix it my rent is 600 a month and my roommate already pays the utilities.and trying to keep warm electric space heaters all we have and it's taking everything we have to make it thru the month

Anonymous - Jan 12, 2021

I have been on unemployment and it has stopped I have not found job yet and my 2daughters and infant grand daughter live with me can u help pay my rent

Anonymous - Mar 2, 2021

I live in Dalton, Georgia, and I'm looking for help to pay my ren.t I went a few months ago to untiedway and apply for rent assistance but I didn't get any help cause Murray county is small town and I was behind $1000 then so I can't be kick out cause I have a handicap daughter.

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