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The Salvation Army recognizes that a request for help with a utility shut–off or eviction often involves a complex set of circumstances. For this reason, each applicant receives much more than the processing of his or her paperwork. Through a one–to–one interview, the Salvation Army caseworker aims to identify the often multiple factors contributing to the household's emergency situation and provide other forms of assistance, referrals, budget counseling, and emotional support as necessary. This holistic approach of meeting need wherever it is found allows The Salvation Army to help in a way that reduces the likelihood of future crisis, and, in many cases, prevents homelessness.
Social Services Office
413 Highway 82 W,
Greenwood, MS 38930
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00 am ~ 2:00 pm

Emergency Food and Shelter (EFSP): An emergency program designed to assist with rent, mortgage, electric or gas. The bill must be 30 – 60 days past due. A client can only be given this assistance one time in a year. The individual requesting this service must have their utilities still on and client must still reside at the home. The client must have an appointment along with all required documentation.

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