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Great Falls, MT
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905 1st Avenue North
Great Falls, MT - 59401

(406) 761-0310 Click to call There are 5 comments. Scroll down to see the comments. Fax Number: (406) 761-0363 Go To Website Go to Facebook
About Opportunities Inc. - Emergency Services

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The Opportunities Inc. - Emergency Services offered through the Community Resource Center:    

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There are 5 reviews

Anonymous - Nov 24, 2019

Hi im interested in your program

Anonymous - Feb 5, 2020

Have they helped get you in to a place and help with the security deposit???

Anonymous - May 11, 2020

My teenage granddaughter is homeless in Great Falls. She starts working on Thursday. She left a toxic living situation and wants to stay there. Is there any program that can assist her. She originally was supposed to stay with her father but he is unable to take care of her.

Anonymous - May 21, 2020

I am trying to locate information on section 8 housing

Anonymous - Aug 3, 2020

I will need emergency help by next month on a deposit at an apt. Or I will be homeless, how can I get some help even with the covid going on?

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  1. No they don't help at all unless you know someone who works there. I asked for help to get some help for my rent I had everything they they needed. N went through all the hoops they asked me and I talked to the people they needed to talk to before hand to get the assistance. And opportunities still denied me with no reason they made me wait almost a month to told NO. They are not a good place to ask for help. So my experience with them was messed up n I talked to other people n they said that u have to know someone who is working there or you have to be realated so don't ask them for help unless your connected in there somehow posted August 7, 2020
  2. I recently called opportunities, hence; due to the epidemic,no foot traffic in the offices. A women advice me if there was someone willing to lease to you, that they would pay first month rent and security deposit. I'm not quite sure on how or what the regulations are, or if you have to pay it back or not. Thought I would let you know what I know, I hope this helps! posted May 22, 2020
  3. Yes posted December 18, 2019
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User answers
  1. Yes, as long as your unemployment doesnt exceed the maximum income bracket ammount alloted, meaning if you make over the guidelines or above the poverty level your most likely not going to qualify. With that being said if your financially comfortably capable of having the means to pay a first last and deposit id hope you wouldnt be seeking assistance in the first place. Everyone nedds a bit of help now and again and as long as your able to manage your monthly rent once you land an apartment they will happily help you if needed but they wont help financially if it should show your income per month is not enough to cover the base rent due to the simple fact you would again find yourself without housing due to the clear issues with insufficient funds to cover cost of living that would begin almost immediately. posted January 6, 2021
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