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About Orlando Housing Authority

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Orlando Housing Authority assists low income individuals and families by providing “to rent” housing units in either the public or private housing markets through Section 8 and Public Housing. They also manage and maintain its housing and each community’s public space; and provides residents with programs and opportunities that promote social and economic enrichment.

Must meet all eligibility requirements and be defined as a family. Must be income-eligible to participate in rental assistance programs, including single persons. It is the decision of The Admissions and Occupancy Department to be determined if one is eligible to receive assistance.

Applicants who apply for housing assistance are placed on a waiting list. Tenant Selection is based on housing needs and local preferences.  Applicants with no local preference are placed on the waiting list with a “no preference” status.

A local preference is as follows:
Involuntarily displaced  - Being removed from rental property through no fault of your own. i.e. fire, flood, condemnation, city or state actions, and landlord wants the property back.  Evictions for non-payment of rent is not included.Working family – Twelve months of full-time continuous employment and those unable to work because of age or disability.  (Continuous employment is defined as an average of thirty (30) hours or more per week.  An interruption of four (4) weeks or less is not considered a break in continuity.  Consideration will be given for longer breaks in employment if the adult family members were working an average of twenty (20) hours per week and attending school or job training for ten (10) or more hours per week.Graduates of Transitional Housing Programs – Currently living in a shelter and you have completed the necessary training and/or counseling required and now you are ready to leave the program and get your own housing. Former Public Housing or Section 8 Voucher participant and became a home owner – A former rental assistance program participant who became a home owner, who had met the requirements of the OHA homeownership program (including homeownership training) and who lost that home due to insufficient income.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Orlando Housing Authority (OHA) is "To offer a choice of safe and affordable housing options and opportunities for economic independence for residents of Orlando and Orange County.”
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There are 13 reviews

Anonymous - Jun 12, 2019

How get loan money for my rent payment. I seriously trouble just help fully pay for rent. I just any need.

Anonymous - Jul 13, 2019

please im a sigle of 3 getting kick out from where we live please help

Anonymous - Oct 7, 2019

i need help for pay my rent

Anonymous - Mar 6, 2020

I just got here and looking for a appointment or house for low income housing I get social security

Anonymous - Apr 25, 2020

I just moved to Orlando ,Fl Due to financial hardship I'm a single mom on Disability. I'm in need of a based income apt or housing. Can you please help. In desperate need. Thank you

Anonymous - May 12, 2020

I'm living in my car for the last 7 months I had a 3 strokes 1 heart attack and I'm a cancer patient I've been looking and applying nothing I've in out of the hospital this year 2 times PLEASE help me I'm on social security and can't find affordable housing PLEASE, Please help in my condition I can't be in my car forever. Thank you

Anonymous - May 30, 2020

Hi I need help with a voucher or section 8 , I'm a disabled person and is hard for me pay the bills. I appreciate all the help I can get.

Anonymous - Jun 9, 2020

Need in 30 days to have a place to live in and I am 61 year old, single and I work at Margarita Villa in Downtown Universal, Orlando 40 hrs a week.

Anonymous - Jun 19, 2020

Help disability senior get 926 per month do you have any thing please help I will move anywhere any state any town Judy Adams.

Anonymous - Jun 22, 2020

I need help for pay my rent this month

Anonymous - Jul 6, 2020

Estoy buscando ayuda por el cov 19 aplicar para section. 8 estoy viviendo en un apartamento quiero que alguien me ayude llenar una application de section 8 inmediatamente.mi esposo falleció i tengo un niño del corazón.y ahora tengo muchos gastos .por eso quiero ver si me ayudan con section 8 ya que estado en este apartamento desde 2011 y necesito ayuda .estaba trabajando pero me dijieron que están cerrado por ahora por el cov 19.y applique para el cheque de cov 19 pero lo quitaron .sin qualificar..si porfàvor me pueden abrir la section 8 para este apartamento .hidden Creek villas Orlando florida 32839.de emergencia .por eso ando buscando de emergencia gracias .dios les bendiga.

Anonymous - Nov 15, 2020

I'm a disabled person living on security of social security ibeen in social security, need to be on sect 8th or vouchers.

Anonymous - Dec 14, 2020

I've been trying to get help since 2003 no one has ever called me back or offered to help, but people just coming to this country move right into a place how is that possible

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