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About Arapahoe County Community Support Services Division Aurora

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Community Support Services Division Aurora provides General assistance that helps Arapahoe County residents with emergency situations and is available to individuals who are not currently receiving public assistance.
The program varies with each situation and may assist with the following emergency needs:   
Burial costs    Emergency help with utility bills    Heating bills (not available during LEAP season if payment received for current year)    Prescriptions     Rent (not eligible if receiving subsidized housing assistance)    Transportation (bus tokens or pass) General assistance also can be used for other emergencies, depending on the situation and availability of funding. Funding is not always available. An individual may only receive general assistance once in a 12-month period.
EligibilityTo be eligible for general assistance, you must meet the following requirements:   
Be a resident of Arapahoe County     Be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal U.S. resident who is: Disabled, or Over the age of 60 years    Complete an application for financial assistance.     Meet the income requirements of 133 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines.    Have not received General Assistance within the past 12 months.    Not currently be receiving benefits from a cash assistance programHow to ApplyTo apply for General Assistance, please request an application at our Aurora or Littleton Human Services office.
You will need to undergo an interview to determine if you qualify and if funds are available. Applicants also will receive information about additional community resources in the area.
Their office is available on Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm to assist you.

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Do they offer emergency cash to pay rent?

No one has answered this question yet.


What documents are required to apply for cash payment help?

No one has answered this question yet.


Do you know if a person collecting unemployment can qualify to get rent assistance at this location?

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Is there a way to apply online due to the Covid-19 virus?

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Yes online
Added Tuesday, June 6, 2023

14 Reviews of Arapahoe County Community Support Services Division Aurora


Nov 27, 2019

I lost my job and I really need help to pay my November rent. Am a single mom of 2 kids. I have already found a job but I wont start till November 30th. Is there any way I can get help with my november rent?


Dec 8, 2019

I am a single woman in need of rental assistance for November I started my new job on the 5th of December but need help to keep my apartment


Feb 8, 2020

I just transferred from one location to another on my job chain and I haven’t been paid on 2 weeks. I just need help paying rent this one time $1850. Is there any chance of me getting help


Mar 18, 2020

Laid off due to virus in the restaurant business need rent assistance


Mar 24, 2020

My husband and i have been quarniteened to our home. Our jobs have been laid off...bit our rent is still due. Pkease help point me in the direction i need to go....we cant be kicked out now...he has many medical problems and with this virus going around we need a place to call home. Thank you Mary williams


Mar 27, 2020

Lost job due to the corona virus where do we apply for rental assistance first time apply can you let me know thanks


Apr 30, 2020

My rent is 300.00, I've been deemed unable to work. I have applied for disability. Just need a bit of help.


May 26, 2020

Yes I would like to find out if I can get some temporary help with my rent, it's do on the 3rd of the month, I'm a 71 year old senior citizen and a honable discharge veteran, I'm unemployed but I might have a job on the 30th, working for a security guard company, but not sure, but in any case I won't have any money if I do work, for two weeks, is there anything you can do to help me,. Sincerely Tom Greene


Jul 26, 2020

I need help paying my rent from last month i have already received a 30 day notice please i need rent help asap what do i need to do


Dec 2, 2020

Furloughed need a little.


Dec 13, 2020

I'm 28 weeks pregnant lost my job due to covid-19 I need help with January's rent.


Aug 23, 2021

In need of rental assistance


Nov 2, 2021

So my daughter and I both had covid. Well we was in covid quarantine my leases ended the 31st the extended my stay because we was quarantine.. with that being said I have to pay for those extra 5 days I believe its $456 I have to pay.


Dec 11, 2021

I need help paying my rent or I will be home will be homeless

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