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About Brain Foundation

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Brain Foundation provides help to those who are not being assisted by other programs.  Like
any other organ, the human brain is susceptible to disease and injury
and as with any disease or injury, many of those associated with the
brain are completely curable or can be controlled with medication. 
However, some patients faces a long recovery and some are challenged their entire lives.
the closure of so many mental health facilities since the 1960s, today
tens of thousands of people nationwide languish in hopelessness and
daily must confront the stifling stigma of being labeled "mentally ill."

our fellow citizens to overcome such daunting challenges requires
action on many fronts, one of which is finding suitable housing for
those afflicted with persistent brain disease or injury.
health advocates are finding that people with brain disabilities
usually can better realize their individual potential in the least
restrictive environment in which they are capable of living.
Fairfax County alone has over 500 people waiting for assisted living housing.  The Brain Foundation is extending helping hands to lower this number.

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