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Second Mile Ministries - Rent Assistance

319 W. Lafayette Street
Fayetteville, AR - 72701

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About Second Mile Ministries - Rent Assistance

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The Second Mile Ministries offers food, clothing, utility shut off, rent, prescriptions, and referrals to those that qualify when funds are available. If you would like to obtain more information such as Program details, availability of assistance, eligibility requirements or their application process, please contact them directly.

They are available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  9:00 am - Noon to assist you.

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Do they offer emergency cash to pay rent?

No one has answered this question yet.


What documents are required to apply for cash payment help?

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Do you know if a person collecting unemployment can qualify to get rent assistance at this location?

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Where is the entrance?

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8 Reviews of Second Mile Ministries - Rent Assistance


Feb 14, 2019

Many blessings in the messages through the voice of the mouth generous kind loving people from second Mile ministries through messages of Jesus Christ the son of our Father God has blessed me with food and help me pay a couple of utility bills and I have been blessed many times over by Jesus Christ our heavenly Father God his son that paid many crucial sufferings for me and you and everyone so that we could have many blessings and happy joyful Life to live and I am blessed and very happy and very privileged to say thank you upmost thank you Jesus and second Mile ministries for helping me throughout the last 18 19 months that I had had to come to second Mile ministries and I am requesting that may have to come in this month one more time for some pantry food a blessing again Jesus answered my prayer and I awoke in with second Mile ministry on my mind thank you Jesus and thank you second mile ministries


Aug 23, 2019

This place is truly ran by people who have compassion and a desire to help people! They don’t make you feel like you are any less, which is the last thing anyone needs when in the position of asking one for help! They also pray with you which is more than any food or money! They are truly a blessing $


Mar 21, 2020

Hello, I need help renting a motel until housing is available in or near Highland Oncology Fayetville Arkansas. My treatments for Merkel cell carcinoma began at James Brown Cancer Center in Louisville KY Sept 6th 2019. My medical records are in thier system and an appointment is scheduled on March 26th at 2:15pm. Without help, I wouldn't have a place to stay upon my arrival to Fayetteville Monday the 23rd. I have transportation and will find food banks.


Apr 6, 2020

Hi, I'm Timothy James and I need help with paying rent


Aug 22, 2020

My name is Timothy Lockhart I'm been out of work just started back need help with rent I'm 4 months behind getting help from my church of $150 and I start getting paid weekly but need help saving my home I just got back in April and covoid19 hit.

Debra image

Aug 24, 2020

Just been released from quarantine, and am about to be evicted, can you help with rent or light bill, which will be disconnected 8/28? Please and thank you


Dec 16, 2020

What items does someone need to bring to see about help with rental assistance?


Aug 6, 2021

I need help paying my rent this month, I'm trying to help raise 3 of my grandchildren with no help from their mother or father, trying to buy school supplies n food and pay a car payment n renters insurance n car insurance m light bill I'm working but there never seems to be enough to go around to cover all the Bill's.

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