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Office of Community Development (OCD) - BATON ROUGE

222 St. Louis St.
Baton Rouge, LA - 70821

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About Office of Community Development (OCD) - BATON ROUGE

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Office of Community Development (OCD) - BATON ROUGE offers Housing Programs:

  • Homebuyer's Assistance Program --- Mortgage assistance for lower income first-time homebuyers.
  • Home Ownership Center --- Information on courses for prospective first-time homebuyers.
  • Housing Rehabilitation Contracting Opportunities --- Qualifications and steps necessary for a contractor to participate in the Rehab Programs offered through the Office of Community Development.
  • Housing Rehabilitation Grants-Homeowner --- Grants for very low income owner-occupants of substandard housing to bring their home into compliance with the housing code.
  • Housing Rehabilitation Loans-Homeowner --- Low interest mortgage loans provided to lower income households to rehabilitate their homes.
  • Lead-Based Paint Information --- Rules and regulations on lead-based paint evaluation and abetment, and informative brochures and forms on lead-based paint hazards.
  • New Housing Developments --- New construction affordable housing being built  for sale to homebuyers.
  • Rental Housing Rehabilitation Loans ---Secured mortgage low interest loans available to rental property owners for rehabilitation of substandard housing at affordable rents to lower income tenants.
  • Volunteer Housing Program --- Assistance with supplies for non-profits offering volunteer labor to repair low income housing.
  • Weatherization Assistance Program --- Energy conservation/weatherization improvements to housing units occupied by very low income residents of East Baton Rouge Parish.

Hours of Operations:

  • 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

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Do they offer emergency cash to pay rent?

1 Answers so far
No and yes. They offer valchors
Added Monday, November 16, 2020


What documents are required to apply for cash payment help?

No one has answered this question yet.


Do you know if a person collecting unemployment can qualify to get rent assistance at this location?

No one has answered this question yet.


Where do we apply for the new Covid rental assistance Congress passes in December 2020?

No one has answered this question yet.

12 Reviews of Office of Community Development (OCD) - BATON ROUGE

keosha image

Aug 16, 2019

i am texting to find rental assistance for me and my kids I was looking for in apartment low income based


Jan 1, 2020

I need help with my rent,lights,water, and need to get in the housing program


Jul 16, 2020

Looking for a low income house for me & my kids


Sep 4, 2020

Look's like they good helping everyone its just hard getting the right one


Sep 28, 2020

I was receiving the 300 from unemployment going to use that to pay rent and now it's cut off I am in a bad spot and I have two children I was hoping y'all could help


Oct 7, 2020

Have 3 children 2 are on disability. I struggle every month paying rent. Currently homeless. Need help being approved for housing or hud program but i have no help to find the sources that i need. I have no clue where or when to apply and i cant find out where to go. Is it a secret or something? I need help to be stable for my kids. Its hard being single parent 3 kids no help just a little food stamp. Please help.


Nov 29, 2020

Due you have eny available assistance for Rental Hardship


Jan 19, 2021

I lost my job do to COVID, and I am having a hard time receiving unemployment, I will need temporary assistant with my rent thank you


Jan 24, 2021

Looking for assistance


Feb 4, 2021

Need rental assistance, where do I go for help?


Mar 9, 2021

I have been dealing with LHC and was told I had to go through yall I don't know what else to do about me homeless.


Mar 15, 2021

Can a person receiving unemployment get rental assistance

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