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Halifax Urban Ministries at times may be able to offer emergency financial assistance to help with back owed rent or utilities. This assistance is available only when funds permit. Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements.

The HUM Family Shelter Provides:

  •     24 rooms/94 bed spaces.
  •     For families with children.
  •     Provides up to six months of shelter for homeless families to get on their feet.
  •     Help for parents to find employment and daycare opportunities for children
  •     Tutoring provided for children in shelter’s media center.
  •     Classes provided to families on finance and family dynamics.
  •     Access to all services of The HUM Center
  •     3 meals a day for residents

Please contact them directly for more information.

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  • Posted by on Sep 21, 2016

    I've used this service before. The staff was friendly. I waited more than 24 hours I write to you this morning because I need to have information because we don't know where else to turn. I have researched the internet to no avail. The Human Community Services does not have a qualification for the predicament that we are in. I will make this short my daughter had a baby on August 4th and my husband was admitted on August 4th long story short he ended having a triple heart by pass. We have received help for utilities from the Human Service this month. My house currently is in foreclosure and court set for Oct. 10. My daughter found an apartment to go to and starts back to work this week. We have no income at this time in the home my husband is waiting on Social Security and I am fighting Unemployment for my benefits. She has been approved for the apartment but she does not have the Security deposit in which she needs by the 30th to move in. By her returning this week she will not receive a check until Oct. 15th. Halifax for Urban ministries will not have funding till Oct.3rd which will be to late in order for her to secure the apartment. I was told you only help those in Ormond Beach, but if you know if there a way around the stipulation of the qualification which would make our case a crisis to get help and if not where or how we can get assistant as soon as possible. The salvation army only has funds for a crisis with utility and I have been calling everywhere and no funds are available. There has got to be some help out here to help her just in case we lose our home. Thank you for your time and consideration in reading my email

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