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About Path of Life Ministries

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Path of Life Ministries provides one time rental assistance (up to $1000.00) to those exiting from homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.

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There are 17 reviews

Anonymous - Jul 23, 2019

I am in need of help to pay my deposite,I just moved in and couldnt afford rent and deposit,I am on disability and only get 937 a month my rent is 700 and so is my deposite,I am so scared of becoming homeless again ,I am 50 yrs and bad health.I know i can pay the rent every month but i need help with deposite only please

Anonymous - Feb 6, 2020

I really need help with my rent n deposit to move out if not I'm getting evicted ,I got a three day notice, please if you can help me ,I'm very stressed with this situation I've been to other places n they don't seem to help me , thank you in advance God bless you.

Anonymous - Apr 7, 2020

I'm facing eviction, because the rental office hasn't received the monthly portion of the rent that they are responsible for. Ive left messages and made several attempts to contact my Navigator. No one has responded, which has caused me EXTREME ANXIETY. I'm already bedridden and living in chronic pain, and I realize that the pandemic crisis has overwhelming for everyone. I just require to understand what is going on To be facing eviction,based on something that's out of my control. Please, contact me via phone and contact the rental office first. U have my info.otherwise I am completely in a state of PANIC! I DON'T NEED THIS XXXTRA STRESS.

Anonymous - Apr 20, 2020

I am homeless and have a rental that I could notice info. I need help with move in costs.

Anonymous - May 3, 2020

Hello my name is Cindy. I'm a single mom. I have a 9 yrs old son. I try to make ends meet and live day by day trying to get my son to school, me to work, pick him up and with no car... but somehow some way I always did it. Now with this corona virus, I lost my job. Cant get unemployment because I was getting paid cash. I get 115.00 for child support and my rent is 600$. I rent a single room and my landlord has given me the last notice to pay my rent or I have to leave. I dont have any parents that I can go to for help. And I dont know what to do. I dont even have a car incase I get evicted. Please i need help. I dont wanna lose my son to CPS if i lose my home. I applied for welfare benefits but only gave me food stamps. Not cash aid. I dont know why. I'm sorry for the long message I just desperately need help paying my rent this month.. Thank you. GOD Bless.

Anonymous - Jul 1, 2020

Hello, I am seeking assistance from Path of Life Assistance Ministries. I am a 24 year old male, a current member/soldier of the US Army Reserves. I am struggling financially unfortunately. I am living out of my vehicle for a few months now. I was close to being employed but Covid-19 has affected everything. I am attending University online & only receiving $390 month to meet my car payment. I beg for some assistance for possibly move in fees & by all means I promise to pay back to the ministry when I am back on my feet. I understand there are much more needy people. Please & Thank You for taking the time to read on my situation! God Bless!

Anonymous - Jul 16, 2020

Si me podría ayudar para pagar mi renta para el mes de agosto mi esposo de a quedado sin trabajo desde el mes de junio y no tenemos para pagar la renta somos 6 en mi familia tengo 4 hijos se los agradecería mucho y muchas gracias y bendiciones

Anonymous - Aug 29, 2020

I need to get out of the uhaul box that is on a truck in my friend's backyard I have no facilities to use and I have no shower or cooking facilities me and my boyfriend are desperately seeking better living please help. My boyfriend has a job and I an on disability please help her me out of this bad living. Thank you sherry

Anonymous - Sep 7, 2020

I really need help paying my rent.I am fixing to be homeless.

Anonymous - Sep 9, 2020

i need help to pay my rent i am the only one working dependents of 2 and my husband is very ill this month i was not able to completed my rent i still owe 425 and plus my utilities can be disconnected any time owe city of riverside 579 i am past due on my car payment of 384 my car insurance will be suspended due to non payment on 9/14 i owe 146 all my bills are past due over past due dont know what to do.

Anonymous - Sep 13, 2020

Hi my name is Chuckia Johnson.I am almost homeless trying to pay my rent.Because I need other personal things like food,clothes,personal hygiene,household supplies etc.

Anonymous - Sep 30, 2020

Im 27 im pregnant wit my 6 child. I have 4 boy and a 1 girl. Looking for a place to leave i stay at tje gradmas in a small room . i would lime to get the help to pay a deposit for a small apartment just for me and my kids. God bless you. Thank you

Anonymous - Nov 2, 2020

Hi i need some help for my rent i have four kids and i pay almost $850 a month for my rent i need help

Anonymous - Nov 5, 2020

I need assistance for my deposit been homeless just released from Riverside Mental Health Hospital renting a room in someone's property thank you to even point me the directions needed.

Anonymous - Nov 17, 2020

Hi I have been working at chevron for over 7 years and my hrs got cut down due to the corona virus and I’m not able to pay my rent it’s only my 11 year old daughter and myself I’m a single mother please I don’t want to be in the streets in the holidays.

Anonymous - Jan 23, 2021

I need help finding a place for me and my son we don't have any money to pay for the place right now we are sleeping in my car.

Anonymous - Feb 13, 2021

I never ask for help until now I'm at rock bottom I'm 325$ off of 950 I thank you for your time.

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